Stop Fighting the Losing Game Today!

My Personal Winning Weight Loss Plan

Note: You don't have to follow this or any other plan - make up your own if you want. This is just what I do that works for me. Phentramin-d makes all this effortless.

How to Win at the Losing Game with Nutrition, Exercise, & More


  • Eat healthy foods within appropriate calorie range
  • Avoid fast food
  • Have healthy snacks at all times
  • Eat high fiber foods
  • Eat high alkaline foods
  • Get balanced vitamins and minerals from foods
  • Avoid processed foods
  • Eat organic foods as often as possible
  • Utilize concepts of mindful, gentle, and conscious eating
  • Eat only when hungry and stop when not hungry
  • Don't eat when not hungry just because it's the time to eat
  • Feed emotional hunger with emotional and Spiritual food
  • Focus on what works and do more of the same
  • Limit sugar, avoid sugar substitutes except for honey
  • Notice food reactions and adjust accordingly


  • Exercise daily for a minimum of 30 minutes or longer if possible
  • Blend in cardio, strength training, stretching, and fun, recreational exercise all during the week
  • Don't skip even a day
  • Rotate types of exercise to avoid boredom
  • Don't compare self to others at anything
  • Strive to achieve personal best
  • Remember that some days won't be as easy as others and that's okay
  • Learn new things to do for exercise
  • Laugh at shortfalls
  • Visualize successful completion each day before beginning
  • Read accounts of other's successful achievements and pick weightloss and fitness winners to model winning behavior after
  • Exercise with pets
  • Exercise to manage stress


  • Take Phentramin-d capsules twice daily as directed on product label
  • Be accountable to self and others daily through emailing or blogging
  • Visualize success and wining results daily
  • Weigh-in and take measurements weekly
  • Make note of lessons learned and then let go
  • Document progress
  • Track calories and nutrition daily at least in the beginning
  • Reduce portion sizes from what used to be and eat instead based on conscious hunger signals
  • Recover from the See Food Eating Syndrome by passing it by
  • Resign from the Clean Your Plate Historical Habit
  • Drink 64 ounces of water per day
  • Get used to storing leftover food
  • Stay positive
  • Help Others

Stop Fighting and Start Losing to Win Today!!!!

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